Brick River Registration System

Brick River Registration System

The Brick River platform was developed to serve a customer base which needed an easy way to manage complex registration processes for large regional conferences.   Our Registration Forms Manager is the result of 12 years of work to create Simple Tools to manage Complex Registration Tasks.

At its simplest, the Forms manager can easily create web forms to solicit feedback or survey users.  The link in the footer of this page - fill out this form - will open a simple form for you to send Brick River your email address so we can contact you to answer questions about our software and services.

With only a few minutes of work, a simple form like this can be enhanced to include:

Payment options - add a simple field to accept a one time payment  - or create payment option to take deposits, pay installments, and adjust registration charges according to date.   Brick River can use Paypal or Braintree - and unlike other providers - we add no additional processing fees.

Information Fields - including checkbox, radio button, text field, and conditional choice fields.

Fields to update contact information - create forms to allow web users to access their current contact record in Brick River and update some or all of their contact information.

If you are exploring the Registration System for the first time, please start with the orientation video on the Getting Started Page.  Then check out our examples of Survey, Donation, and Registration forms.


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