Data Forms

Data Forms

Brick River Content and Contact records can be created and edited using a Web Browser if a Data Form has been created for that purpose.

Data Forms must be linked to Views, and it is often the case that a custom View must be created to support the Data Form.

Everything you need to know about creating Data Forms and customizing Views can be found here - in the Brick River Developer's Guide.

Why Data Forms?

The most efficient way to manage content is through the Web Console.  Creating Data Forms lets you do the same thing without logging in to Brick River - but why?

There are numerous scenarios in which you may want a Contact to access and edit records - but you don't want to make every Contact a User and give them access to the Web Console

Remember - Contacts and Users are not the same thing.  If you need all the details, find them here.


Content - a large non-profit organization has 1000 volunteers.  They like volunteers to submit short articles for their Volunteer News page. A Data Form allows them to submit an article  which won't appear on the site until it has been approved.  An editor gets an email alert so they know that new articles are waiting to be approved and published.


Contacts - The same organization needs to verify contact information for volunteers each year.  Rather than solicit the information and update each record using the Web Console, a Data Form can be sent via email to each volunteer.  They can edit their own contact information and an administrator gets an email alert when each form is submitted.


Asking people in the wide world to submit forms to your site may attract the attention of spammers and hackers.

Each Contact in Brick River can be assigned a user name and password and many activities - updating contact info is obvious - should require the user authentication.

In cases where you do want unauthenticated web users to submit forms a Captcha field should be included to prevent non human spam-bots from submitting 10,000 forms with gruesome links or ads for athlete's foot powder.

Captcha fields are those little pictures that make you type in the letters before you can submit a form.

Security and other Data Form details can be found in the Brick River Developer's Guide.


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