Diving in to Brick River

Diving in to Brick River

Welcome to Brick River - the CMS and cloud based Web Communications Platform optimized for Communicators who have beautiful ideas to share in words, images, and videos.

For new Users, this Guide provides a few articles to introduce you to the Brick River Web Console and the core concepts of  Content Management,  Uploading Files and Images,  Managing Email Campaigns, Email Template Design, Registration Form Management, and User Administration.

Keep in mind as you navigate this Guide - many of the features of Brick River are controlled by User and Group Permissions.  Your view of the Web Console and user screens may not display all features depending on your permission level.  If you have questions about your access to Brick River features - please contact your local system administrator.


The Brick River Web Console

The Web Console is your dashboard for all things Brick River.  Log in using any web browser and you'll quickly learn your way around the menus and links that will take you to every nook and cranny of Brick River

Content Management

You provide the ideas, Brick River provides the tools for creating, editing, approving, and publishing them to the wide world.  Our enterprise CMS makes it easy for you to work in a Document Editor, a full page WYSIWYG Page Editor, or a combination of the two

Uploading Files and Images

Uploading the Images, PDFs, and other files is easy, lightning fast, and secure.

Managing Email Campaigns

When it's time to deliver your message to your people's inbox.  We make it easy for you to manage subscription lists and email campaigns  - and to track recipient activity in real time.

Template Design

 Every email you send can be beautifully branded with the same graphics, colors, styles, and links that you use on your website.  Choose a base design from our template library, customize it using our easy design window, and SEND!

Registration Form Management

Whether you need to send out a simple three question survey or register thousands of people for a week long conference - our Registration module has exactly what you need.  We combine easy form design, built in support for Braintree and Paypal, and an analytic dashboard that has been perfected over the course of ten years, 320,000 event registrations, and over 20 million dollars of registration fees processed.

User Administration

If you are a small enterprise with a few users - or a decentralized organization managing multiple sites with dozens of teams.  Brick River makes it easy to keep everyone on track with easy configuration of individual User and Group permissions.

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