Sites, Layouts and Pages

Sites, Layouts and Pages

Content Creators can use links on the Site menu to access Sites and Pages.   User's may be granted permission to create new Pages and edit existing Pages.

Sites and Layouts

Only Administrators may create new Sites, create new Layouts, and edit existing Layouts.  These topics are covered thoroughly in the Developer's Guide.


Existing Pages may be edited by clicking the Site menu and clicking the link to open the desired Sitemap.  The sitemap displays icons for all current pages of the Site.  If the current user does not have permission to edit at page, clicking that page will lead to a permission alert message.

The Page Editor Window

1  Design Tab - displays the WYSIWYG editor for the Page.  Any editable sections defined by the Layout can now be edited using familiar word processing tools

2  Source  Tab - displays the HTML source code for the page.  Users with coding skills may edit Source code directly.  It is important to note that not all Source code is compatible with the WYSIWYG editor.  Some changes made to source code will prevent the page from displaying in the Design tab.

3  Properties Tab - displays fields to edit Page name, friendly name and other properties

4  Layout - displays a list of Layouts that may be linked to the Page

5   Save, Publish, Sitemap - Save changes without publishing changes to the web or Publish to apply changes and publish changes to the web.  Click Sitemap to return to the sitemap for the current site.

6   Editing Tools - In Display mode, editing tools are available to enter and format text.

7   Editable Sections- Place the cursor in any editable area to enter and update content.  Depending on the background color of the page the border indicating editable sections is not always visible.  Clicking in the vicinity of an editable area should enable the section border and place the cursor in the editable sections

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