Vance's crushing it with our "All-in-one"

When Vance took over as Communications and IT director they already had Brick River but he realized...

"We had a Porsche but were driving it like a Mazda 626".

So he went all-in.

Redesigned his big content-rich website.
Got everyone on board and using all the Brick River parts.
People sped up. Boss sent him a chipper email post launch.

He loves the app for contact management. Lets his folks access the database from anywhere. Doesn’t have to keep staff numbers in his phone anymore, either—one click on the app and he’s in.

Our handy how-to videos keep him on top of technology updates and, if there’s a problem, our friendly techs are a quick call or text away. 

Thanks to Brick River, Vance has more burpee time at "Cro-magnon Fit"—sweating it out in 105°—dreaming of pancake treehouses.

"Brick River is to websites as milk is to cereal. You can have cereal without milk, but why would you? It’s so easy, we’ve forgotten how to spell html.".