Web Console for Content Creators

Web Console for Content Creators

The Brick River Web Console is your dashboard for creating and editing web content, managing images and other files, launching email campaigns and registration forms, and keeping user profiles up to date.

Each Brick River account is created with a single Administrator user. 

This Administrator can create additional User accounts and grant each one the appropriate permissions to access and edit site content.  The appearance of menus and links on the Web Console will vary depending on the current User's permission level.

The example below displays the Web Console as it appears for an Administrator.

1  The Brick River Account 'Short Name' link - returns to the Hello, User! welcome screen.   The welcome screen displays the full account name (here it is 'Brick River') and the short name (here it is 'Demo'). 

2 my profile button - Links to the profile for the current User.

3 Content and Contacts - These menus display links to Views.  Each View displays a set of records and provides tools for creating, editing, publishing and deleting Content and Contact records.

4 Site - Displays links to manage Sites, Layouts and Pages. 

5 Email - Links to manage email templates, create and send emails, and analyze sent mail.

6 Reg - Links to design registration forms and templates, configure payment accounts, and manage registrations and payments.

7 Files - Access and manage folders and files. Quickly upload files or use the Brick River code editor to create CSS, Javascript, HTML, XML or text files.

8 Admin - This menu is only displayed to Users with Administrator level permission.  Use links here to manage Users and Groups, design custom Views, and perform other design and administrative tasks. 

9 Help - Links to the Brick River Knowledge Base - which you are currently reading.

  10      Me - Links to log out and to manage the profile for the current User.  Users may update passwords, contact information, photo and digital signature.

Logging In to the Web Console

The link to access the Web Console is provided upon opening your Brick River account.  Please contact your Brick River administrator if you need assistance opening the Web Console

Logging Out of the Web Console

Click the Log Out Link on the Me menu    10   



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