Web Console for Developers

Web Console for Developers

Welcome to the Brick River Web Console -  the launching pad for site designers, administrators, and content creators.

A new Brick River account is created with a single Administrator user.  This article describes the Web Console as it appears to Administrators.  Users with lower permission levels  will only see the menus, links, and content appropriate for their permission level.

Administrators may access all site tools using links on the Navigation Bar.

1  The Brick River Account 'Short Name' link - returns to the Hello, User! welcome page.   The Welcome screen displays the full account name (Brick River) and the short name (Demo). 

2 and 3 Content and Contacts - The links on these menus display Views.  Each View is a display of Content or Contact records.  Out of the box, Brick River contains no records but provides a set of System Views that can be used to create basic content such as People, Events, Blog Posts, and News Features. Your finished site will likely use some of these basic features, but you have unlimited power to define and organize the custom Content and Contacts your site requires.  Learn more here: Content, Contacts, and View

4 Site - Links to manage Sites, Layout, and Pages.  Layout and Page documents contain the HTML,  C#, and other code to render the pages of each Site. Pages can be written using straight source code or with a WYSIWYG editor - or a combination of both.  Learn more here:  Sites, Layouts, and Pages

5 Email - Links to manage Email templates, create and send emails, and analyze sent mail.

6 Reg - Links to design registration forms and templates, configure payment accounts, and manage registrations and payments.

Read about Template design here: Registration and Email Templates

7 Files - Access and manage folders and files. Quickly upload files or use the Brick River code editor to create CSS, Javascript, HTML, XML or text files. Learn more here: Folders and Files

8 Admin - Links to manage Users and Groups, design custom Views, and perform other design and administrative tasks.

9 Help - Links to the Brick River Knowledge Base - which you are currently reading.

  10     Me - Links to manage the profile for the current User.  Users may update passwords, contact information, photo and digital signature.

  11     my profile - Links to the profile for the current User.

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